Career Opportunities

Our vision
Developing Beautiful Woman.

It's our job to cause our guests and team members to grow personally. We train you to be a leader, mentor and hair coach through our extensive education program.

Our training program consists of hands on workshops that will advance your technical and leadership skills. This training includes:

  • rituals of wellness
  • Art of sculpting hair
  • precision hair cutting
  • color formulation and techniques
  • texture perfection

You will also receive one on one coaching to help you to reach you highest potential.

We create hands on workshops for our team to become leaders behind the chair and in the community. Developed leadership skills will excel your growth financially and productively behind the chair.

Our Mission
To take individuals where they can’t take themselves.

We continue to push you to be the BEST you can be. The only way to grow is to be uncomfortable.

Our Culture
Caring for others is what we all have in common here at Etica Salon. We put other team members before ourselves. Coaching and teaching one another creates a family atmosphere.

The application process starts by attending our free Beliefs, Dreams & Action workshops. This workshop will assist you in identifying you personal beliefs.

The first workshop will introduce you to Etica team members, and our Etica Values and Beliefs. This workshop will assist you in identifying your personal beliefs and see if there is a match with our organization.

The second workshop, Dreams is about exploring your desires. Many of us have dreams that are ‘like to haves’ but don’t know how to turn them into ‘have to haves’. In this workshop you will create a detailed picture of your ‘have to have’ dreams.

The third workshop is Achieving your Dreams. We’ll analyze what steps you will need to take to get closer to achieving your dreams.

Our objective is to assist individuals in finding their next career opportunity.  We know that Etica Salon may not be the right fit for you and we want to help you identify what’s important to you so you can make an informed decision for your next position.

Want to learn more about Etica Salon to find out if you would like to be a part of the Etica Family of Hair Coaches? We would love to meet you. We host Beliefs, Dreams and Action workshops for you to do just that. These 3 workshops are 90 minute for a 3 week commitment.

If you want to reserve your seat, please call Etica employment line at 763-280-3208 and leave the following info:

  • Name
  • Cell number
  • Email
  • How you heard about Etica Salon

Or tell us more about you and include your resume at