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Uncovering Your Natural Beauty & Unleashing Your Best Self 


Etica Salon leaf 20.pngWhat does that really mean……?

Etica team members will be your guide in making the positive changes you want by helping you transition your current look to your desired look. 

1.  First, we assist you by defining where you are—Your Point A—What you currently don’t like about your hair-style.  

2.  Through our series of questions during your consultation, we help you find your desired style—Your Point B.

Whether you want:

  • easy wash and go hair
  • more volume
  • confidence in your personal presentation or style
  • an update 
  • less time getting ready
  • to feel and look beautiful
  • answers to why your hair just doesn’t look good or work the way you want

3.  Lastly, we Make a Plan for You to follow so you receive the best results ever!

Make a commitment to yourself!  After all, it is the small actions in life that make the biggest difference.  So, challenge yourself to Unleash Your Best Self!  Feel and Look different by December 7, 2013.

Etica Salon leaf 20.pngWhy Etica Salon is challenging YOU…

  • We love helping people.  
  • We Are!  Join our team and be part of a whole support system! Successful people make themselves accountable to others.  
  • It’s our job, as stylists, to assist you in presenting your best self
  • We are about the big picture -- from the hair on your head to your health and wellness

Etica Salon believes beauty is more than skin, hair and body. Confidents portrays beauty.  If you feel more confident, then we have been successful. 

TAKE the challenge – You only have something to GAIN!  Let’s unleash your beauty so everyone can compliment you on it!

How do you get started?  Call Etica Salon today Schedule your salon services!

Etica Salon leaf 20.pngPromotionsEtica Salon leaf 20.png

FOR OUR FABULOUS CLIENTS: Receive exclusive special offers!

FOR OUR NEW CLIENTS: Receive 50% off your first service!


When you come in for your appointment….

  • FILL-IT! a commitment card
  • PIC-IT! Your stylist will take a “before” picture.
  • PIN-IT! Unleash Your Best You” wall
  • JOIN-US! Saturday, December 7th to Celebrate Your Best Self! 

8:00am - 4:00pm
Friends - Family - Hot Chocolate - Treats
Free photo from Seven Thirty Photography
Hair and make-up touch ups for your photo
Pick up your 20% pre-order products!


Happy Hair Hour 


A group workshop that is designed to walk you through different styles and techniques of styling your hair.


Whatever your style needs…

  • Wet to dry styling skills
  • 2nd day hair ideas
  • Quick styling tips to solve your current styling difficulties

…we will help YOU!  Expect to have FUN in this group environment!  Invite a friend.  Seats are limited. Contact us to reserve your seat. 

  • DATE: Last Wednesday of each month
  • TIME: From 5:30 pm - 7:00pm
  • COST: $25 - Clients of Etica Salon; $60 - Non Clients
  • WHAT TO BRING: Styling tools, Current Styling Products, Hair accessories if you have or want to learn how to use. 

*One on One classes can be booked 10:00am - 3:30pm Wednesdays and Fridays. $60 service fee. 

*ALL classes by phone reservation only. 

Leave feeling confident and empowered! 

Raving Fans Wanted! 


Become a member of our Raving Fan Club and send someone as fabulous as you our way!  THEY will receive a special offer just by mentioning your name.  In turn, YOU receive a thank you gift from Etica Salon!     

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for referring your friends and family.  It is the best compliment we could receive from you!