Etica's Services

Developing Beautiful woman is what we do.

We know your life is busy, and time is of the essence. We know you don't put  yourself first. We are your personal coaches for hair. Our job is to:

  •  Develop a personal style for you.
  •  That is simple for you to recreate
  •  That takes as little time as possible
  •  That makes you feel & look fabulous from the time you leave our salon until your next visit.

New Services


Keratin Complex is "skin-care for your hair" The more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each teatment the build-up of keratin makes you hair:

  •  Softer & silkier
  •  Straighter & shinier
  •  Faster & easier to blow-dry
  •  Reduce daily styling time
  •  Less maintenance - close to being "maintenance-free"

We have a blow out service that last 6-8 weeks & the smoothing treatment last from 3-5 months. If you have unwanted curl or frizz, and would like less maintenance this is the service for you. Call today and we will guide you to the appropriate service for your life style.

First time recieving this service at Etica Salon? We have a special offer for you. $75.00 off your first treatment. Etica Salon job is to find a faster,easier way for you in the morning. Call today! 763.494.5074

Etica Salon leaf 20.pngDETOXIFYING FOOT SPA STARTS AT $40

Transform your body through a Detoxifying Foot Spa. Reduce stress. Feel younger and energized. Detoxifying Foot Spa will help you to live a healthier life! Be proactive with your health, by eliminating common toxins we acquire daily through the Ion Cleansing System. If you feel exhausted, fatigued or experience chronic pain this is the service for you.

Packages available. Call today for details.


Facial waxing is one service that transforms you in a few minutes. We protect your skin along with creating a new you.

*All pricing quoted at the time of consultation or at your service appointment.


Both women and men haircuts include a detailed consultation. We strive to understand what you don't like about your hair and what your vision of your hair style is. All haircuts includes a hands on styling lesson. For short haired clients we rinse the hair at the end of the haircut to elimnate itch.

*We offer a percision cut for our male guests that want to keep their hair looking great consistently. To receive our $30 Men's haircut, our males guest MUST be pre-booked every 4 weeks or less.



Etica Salon leaf 20.png  HIGHLIGHTS START AT $65


Our color services are customized to compliment your haircut. We offer color; highlights and color/highlights with many techniques of application to assure you get the outcome you are looking for. Your stylist will advise you as to what will compliment your personalized haircut.

*All pricing quoted at the time of consultation service or during your actual service appointment.

Etica Salon  leaf 20.png  PERMS & RELAXERS (TEXTURE) SERVICES START AT $120

Perming or curl enhancing service will assist you to recieve volume that hold or can assist you with the natural curl look. Our stylist will give you options to achieve your desired volume or curl. Book your consultation appointment to determine your options based on the end result you are looking to achieve.

Relaxers will chemically alter your curls, if you are looking to loosen your curl this maybe the service for you. In some cases the relaxer may eliminate curl, all hair types will respond differently. Call today and book a consultation service to assist you on finding your new look.

*Reserving your appointment and pricing quoted at the time of consultation. 


Because hair is similiar to silk fabric, you must think proactively and protect your hair from damage. Your Etica Salon stylist will analyze your hair and will recommend a treatment that will give you the best result, wether your hair has mineral build up or is in need of moisture ot strength.

Etica Salon  leaf 20.png  SHAMPOO/STYLE STARTS AT $30

Etica Salon  leaf 20.png  UP DO’S START AT $80

Etica Salon  leaf 20.png  BRIDAL PACKAGES START AT $175

Special occasion hair styling for weddings, prom and other events. An Etica team member will assist you in finding the right style for your special occassion. Etica Salon would love to assist you with your big day. You can have a wedding day soiree. Need more questions answered call today for more details.

*All pricing quoted at the time of consultation or at your service appointment.

Etica Salon  leaf 20.png  MAKE UP APPLICATION STARTS AT $40

Etica Salon  leaf 20.png  MAKE UP LESSON STARTS AT $60

Etica Salon  leaf 20.png  BRIDES MAKE UP PACKAGES START AT $40

Make up is a tool to enhance your natural beauty. Sometimes we feel the need to go bold, elegant, classice or active. Etica team members are trained in the current trends and will complete an application that makes you feel and look younger with Aveda Makeup and skin  care.

*All pricing quoted at the time of consultation or at your service appointment.


Have you always wanted longer or fuller hair? Can't quite get the color of hilights you want? Is your hair damaged and needs protection? Do you need a new look to complete your personal style? Great Length extensions create the most natural look & can last up to 5 months depending on your hair condition and results you are looking to achieve. Call today to book your consultation appointment to find out what extension can do for you.

Extension consultation required to recieve total service costs. No quotes over the phone.

When you choose your extension service your consultation pre-payment will go towards the extension service.