Meet Your Hair Coaches

At Etica Salon, Guests do not just have a stylist but a personal hair coach, someone who genuinely listens to what their guest likes and dislikes about their hair. Hair coaches assist in defining their guest’s personal style, but they also give new ideas to enhance their guests existing beauty. Each hair coach teaches their guest how to recreate their style at home through tips on simplifying their daily styling needs.

Etica Salon host a fun, interactive workshop for our clients and new guests called "Happy Hour for You and Your Hair" which is specifically designed to walk you through the process of styling your hair, from wet to dry. We understand we make it look easy to style your hair. This hands on workshop is designed to help you style your hair faster and easier. 

Get acquainted with Etica's team of Hair Coaches.



Are you a busy person who wants to look fabulous with very little effort, but looking professional and polished is a necessity? Maybe you desire a stylist who will design a plan for your hair and your busy schedule.

I discovered my passion of caring for others through designing hair when my mom, who worked hard and rarely took time for her, would get frustrated when dealing with her hair and make-up. She would express, “Why can’t I do my hair like that?” I realized I could help more than just my mom. Being a Hair Coach I give an action plan and teach you how to recreate your hairstyle. My purpose is developing beautiful women.


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To live, laugh and love is easier when you feel and look fabulous!
Growing up I always wanted to become a nurse, because taking care of others is most important to me.  My desire to be creative and try new things opened up an opportunity to study hair.  I realized I could touch and care for many people through hair.  
Working with all hair types, I love the details in a haircut and enhancing your look through color.  Utilizing techniques that create texture and dimension, I can give you a finished look aligned to your personal style and vision.
My clients inspire and impact me through their career, family and life.  I connect well with women who make a difference in other people’s lives.


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If you enjoy turning heads when you walk into the room OR if you’re ready to know what it feels like, I would love to meet you.

The majority of my early adolescent years were spent “invisible”. By high school I wacked off my waist long brunette hair to my ears and attacked it with at-home hair color. As I stepped through the doors the next day it felt as though THE ENTIRE SCHOOL paused, just for a moment, to look.

That’s when I discovered how much POWER hair has. I was no longer the quiet, invisible girl in the back of the classroom.

-----Fast Forward-----

Not only do I want to help you claim your place in the spot light, I want to share in your adventures. My favorite thing about coming into the salon everyday is to spend time with my clients and listen to their stories of life, journeys and adventures. There’s so much I’ve learned from my clients over the years, along with how much they’ve inspired me.

As a “Curly Girl” by nature, I’ve acquired a strong following of curly haired clients (we can share horror stories of BLOW-DRY’S GONE BAD!). I also excel in the Fiery World of Reds!!!



Growing up in a small town, I have always felt a strong sense of community. There was one main street, my house was four blocks from anywhere in town and no matter where I went, people knew me as more than a face. Close relationships were at the center of my favorite memories and remain at the center of my life.
It was evident from my very first experience with Etica that building relationships and being genuine were at their center.      
When I came to Etica I was looking for a job. After the first beliefs, dreams and actions workshop, I knew I needed to work at Etica not because it was a job but because I had found something more. This was an opportunity I didn’t know was possible in a workplace: a space to unlock my own potential within and beyond my position at Etica.
It is my job to tell Etica’s Story, who we are as a team and how our clients and community impact us. I am the communication director, keeping our family informed and running smoothly. I am responsible for connecting with people so that we can make a difference in someone’s life.


Meet Etica's Coaches

Etica Salon surrounds themselves with businesses with connecting missions. Caring for individuals and providing services that empower one to be the best they can be through Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit. Each Coach brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that assist Etica team members and their clients. Etica and each Coach support one another through events and personal growth. Please take a moment to meet Etica Salon's coaches. 

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Ever wonder why killing yourself in the weight room, buying the latest greatest diet book, or waking up early to get your morning run in may help you feel like you're getting in better shape - but still falls short?

Stacy at Fitness Together in Maple Grove works with you in utilizing the right strength, cardio and nutrition to get to your goals. Our team is learning the important role exercise and good nutrition plays in developing our own beauty. We are working with Fitness Together on a Makeover Event to share the power of health with our community and friends.

Fitness Together Website

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Etica team discovers our community through the Maple Grove Art Center. Through our Relationship with the Art Center we've assisted in a fashion show held at their facility. We have had an opportunity to meet many wonderful community leaders thanks to the Art Center, and we look forward to many more shows together. Lori Link continues to guide us through making a difference in our community.

Maple Grove Arts Center Website

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Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Etica Salon has teamed up with Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting to make a brides planning process more enjoyable. Every bride deserves the day of their dreams. Etica Salon Coaches and Simply Elegant Bridal are here to make your planning and the day of wedding simple, easy and elegant. No matter your budget, Ashley Henry with Simply Elegant Bridal will hold your hand and guide you through you planning process.

Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting Website

 Trilluim Chiroractic.png

Etica's team takes care of their body with the assistance of Dr. Jerod at Trillium Chiropractic. Our career is hard on our bodies and when our bones are aligned we have creative energy flowing. We believe taking care of our spins creates a happy, healthy and longer life. Dr Jerod is committed to helping Etica team members and Etica clients live a maximized life.

Trillium Chiropractic Website