Common Maple Grove Winter Hair Complaints and How to Fix Them

Maple Grove winters are rough on your hair. It dries out and doesn’t cooperate like you want it to. As your hair becomes more and more difficult to manage, there is only one thing left to do. You have to go to the salon to get tips about how to handle your winter hair. Or do you? Here we have the most common complaints about winter hair and how to fix them.

Static, Static, Static

Once your hair starts to stick to your skin or hang in the air, you know you have static in your hair. It can get in the way and shock other people. However, there are ways to fix this common problem.


The first line of defense is conditioner. Oftentimes, individuals rinse all the conditioner out of hair, which can intensify static. Conditioner is meant for your hair about 2 - 3 inches from the scalp because it replaces the oils you just shampooed out. When you rinse hair, it should feel as if there is a slight slickness to it. If you use the right conditioner for your hair, your should comb through it with little effort. If not, you have just washed your conditioner down the drain.

The second solution is using styling aid products. This is something you put in after you shampoo and conditioner but before you blow dry your hair. I lean towards a mousse from Eufora called, “Formation.” It adds great volume at the scalp and locks in moisture to assist with static, styling on mid length hair, and restore the ends of your hair.

The third, and final, tip for reducing static is using a finishing product, like a styling pomade or hairspray. Even if you wear a hat to work everyday, these three steps assure that you can take your hat off, add a little fluff with your hands, and you will look as good as you did just before you got in the car.

Curly Hair isn’t Curly

My curls are changing! They are lifeless, or they just don't act as they normally do. With negative temperatures, there is less and less moisture in our air and hair. This makes it harder for your hair to take in the moisture it needs to curl the way you want it to. Your curls could be acting limp or not normal. However, there are solutions!


Making a slight modification to your haircut for the winter can help your curls by creating room for the curls to actually ringlet. We use a special technique at Etica Salon that gives your curls some room without changing your favorite style. You may need to shorten or grow out layers or add face framing, but it will give your hair the boost it needs.

Curl activating shampoo and conditioner can help get back the bounce in your curls. There is a difference between products for smoothing hair into curls and products for curling your natural hair. We prefer the Eufora Curl'n line for our curly clients. Using it with shampoo and conditioner helps lock more moisture in your hair to get through the dry spell of winter.

Adding a moisture intense leave-in conditioner will seal up your curls keeping them from frizzing out. Also, you’ll need less styling products to create or control your curls.

Start Planning for Next Season Early

At this time of year, we all have more time on our hands after work. As the weather starts to get nicer, the last thing you will want to be doing is sitting in salon when you can be out on your patio in 50 degree weather. These three steps can get your hair ready for spring.

  1. Use your down time now to start pinning and collecting ideas for your spring look. Your stylist can make a plan off of your ideas that will cost less and reduce your time at the salon.

  2. Make an appointment so you can be bringing sexy back before anyone else.

  3. Contact your stylist to let them know you are wanting to change it up so they can make sure they have the time you will need.

If you’re ready to change up your look or deal with those winter problems, contact us at Etica Salon to help you love your hair again.