Maple Grove Winter Hair Care Products and Services

In cold, Maple Grove winters, the dry air can damage your hair, making you go from loving it to hating the static frizz in minutes. Dry air can also damage your hair just by standing outside. We want to heal that hair hate with our winter treatments and take-home products made especially for the dry winter air.


Moisture Masque

Moisture Masque is a one in salon treatment that can repair your damaged hair. You sit under dryer from 5-60 minutes depending on the integrity of the hair. The heat from the hood dryer will assist the masque to penetrate the cuticle and fill in all the potholes that are left after normal wear and tear. It is an ultra-rich masque, restoring critical moisture loss from heat styling, professional services, and environmental stresses, which makes it perfect for dry winters and well-loved hair. The treatment leaves hair soft, shiny, and touchable without adding any weight.

Your at-home daily treatment takes 3 seconds in the morning after shampoo/conditioning. The ElixirOne Leave-In damage cure complex is a perfecting potion that syncs with your hair to create unprecedented movement and incredible shine.

Detoxifying Treatment

Detoxifying treatment is a 45 - 60 minute treatment where you sit under the hood dryer. It aids in the removal of unwanted build up from your water at home and products or styling tools that are left in your hair. By removing the build up, you leave with manageable hair that you can comb through. Most of the time, you’ll feel like you just got your hair colored because your hair appears lighter and or dimensional. People who swim, have a well water or city water, take medication or are hormonal are impacted by this service that is wonderful for all. Even if you have a softener, your hair can start to have build-up. Most often, the softener stops working, and you don't even know it.


To maintain low to no build-up at home every wash, you need to shampoo and condition with a product that can both clarify and protect the integrity of your hair. If left untreated, the hair build-up cycle will continue effecting your time in the morning, at the salon, and shorten the life of your hair’s color. We recommend the Nourish line from Eufora that includes shampoo, conditioner, and leave in spray. The Nourish line includes Urgent Repair Shampoo, Urgent Repair Treatment, and Urgent Repair Fortifi Keratin Repair.

Glossing Treatment

Glossing treatment is another way to add shine and strengthen your hair color, so you don’t have to commit to coloring your hair every month. It will close your cuticle, add shine, and assist in managing static this season. Not to mention, people will ask what product you using that makes your hair shine.

Another way to add shine daily in the privacy of your home is the the Illuminate Shine Spray by Eufora. It is hands down the best product to handle winter hair and give you a glossy look. You can see the difference with one spray. It assists your hair in reflecting the light with no additional weight added to your hair, and it also smells amazing!

If you would like more hair care tips, or if you would like to turn around your hair hate, contact our hair stylists. We are ready to help you love your hair again.