3 Common Styling Mistakes we see in our Maple Grove Hair Salon

Maintaining healthy hair and a great style is an investment in time and care. Part of taking care of your hair includes avoiding common styling mistakes that can damage or age your hair. At Etica Salon, our Maple Grove stylists see these three common styling mistakes that we want you to be aware of so that you can keep your hair looking and feeling great.

1. Washing and using a hot tool daily

Your hair might look better when you wash and use a hot tool (curling iron/flat iron) daily, but frequent use can damage your hair. Because hair is like silk fabric, washing and ironing it daily will make it start to fall apart. If your hair only looks good after using a hot tool, you have probably over processed your hair. Your color will start to look dull or takes on a tone you don't like because it has been damaged by excessive heat. One way to combat this damage, if you wash, dry and use a hot tool on your hair the same day, is to use Eufora "Thermal Defense Prep" or "Retain".


2. Ripping through hair snarls

Brushing hair means you have to rip through snarls. However, every time you rip through a snarl, you are breaking your hair. You can stop the breakage by brushing your hair from the bottom to the top, instead of the top to the bottom. Breakage can happen wet or dry. If you have snarl issues, there are many different things that could be causing them. One issue could be overly rinsing out your conditioner so your hair feels squeaky clean. Conditioner can replace the oils you just shampooed out, so some conditioner is meant to be left in hair to protect the ends.

Another issue could be from hard water or overly chlorinated water. To work on this problem, you will want to use conditioner. Then, use a wet brush to de-tangle and distribute conditioner through hair. Start on the ends of hair, combing through, and slightly rinse hair. If you are experiencing tangles on dry hair, we suggest Eufora Leave-in Repair Treatment. Fly away hairs can be annoying, but ironing them down could create breakage. Talk with our stylists at Etica for any questions or hair tips.

3. Smoothing before curling

It can be frustrating when your curls don’t stay in all day. Many of us where not taught how to use a curling iron. It’s fairly simple when hair is very short. However, when you have longer hair, many make the mistake of first smoothing the hair by clamping the iron on the mid length of the hair strand and pulling the iron to the ends of the hair and then rolling the hair up around the iron. This process of smoothing before curling makes the hair smooth before you ask it to be curly. This is why your curls don't last all day.

We recommend creating a weekly routine to save you time and effort, while keeping your hair happy and healthy. Here is a weekly routine that can help you.

Day 1

Use shampoo and conditioner in the shower, making sure some conditioner stays on the ends. After your shower, style hair with beach wave or scrunch it until it’s curly.


Day 2

Brush curls out and wand, or iron, your hair. Some stylists like to alternate the curls going in two different directions for variety and volume. Simply alternate the wand forward towards your face, and then curl the next piece back away from your face.

Day 3

Brush out ironed hair to have more romantic soft wave. Remember not to pull on any tangles!

Day 4

Put hair up in a simple but elegant up do.

Creating a routine, learning the basics of how to style your hair wet to dry, and finding the right products will benefit you and the health of your hair. It can allow you to shampoo less, change your look daily, and give you more time in your morning routine to do other things, like eat a hot breakfast or read the news. If you’re ready to avoid these and other common styling mistakes, we’re ready to help.