New Spring Hair Styles Tips from your Maple Grove Salon

With the change of seasons, you may be thinking it's time for a new look and hair style. Lots of texture is the ‘in’ style this season. Our Maple Grove, MN hair stylists are moving their creative styling from long layers to a tussled and highly textured look. Bangs are making an appearance with color accentuating your skin tone. It's a natural look with a flare.

If you’re bored with your hair, maybe a long very layered look is for you. Adding depth around your hairline to enhance your skin tone or adding golden highlight bits of color will bring you into spring with a new glow.

Do you know you need new look, but don't know what look you want? Complete the next 3 tasks to get ideas prior to your next salon visit.


1. Get inspired

Check out hair styles on Pinterest, search the web, or look in the magazines while waiting in line to check out at your favorite store. There are a lot of great hair styles just waiting to be discovered by you.

2. Create a want list

Your want list should include what you want to be able to do with your hair and how you want it to look. For example, let our stylists know if you want your hair to be able to go in a pony. You can also request colors such as brighter hair with red tones.

3. Define what you know you don't want

Make note of any styles that you don’t like or want to avoid, like carrot hair. Our stylists will make sure to avoid any of those styles and find the best style for you.

By coming in with ideas, it assists your stylist in creating your personal style while taking into consideration your needs and wants. As a stylist, it's easy to get creative, but it’s a professional that can make a look that takes your life style and personality into consideration.

Our Etica Salon team is inspired by Eufora Global Events and are ready to start your transformation for Spring. If you’re ready to start off spring with a new style, we’re ready to help!