How often should you color your hair? Tips from Our Maple Grove Stylists

In general, our Maple Grove stylists would advise you to plan your hair color appointments between every 4-6 weeks. Although, your personal style, your life activities, and the health of your hair need to be considered when answering the question. When you commit to every 4-9 weeks, it is much easier for your stylist to keep you feeling and looking beautiful in less time. Less time means less money in the world of hair.

Here are some examples to help give you a time line to help you pre-schedule your appointments that best suit you.

Gloss Color

To keep a healthier look, plan to complete this service every 4-8 weeks.

With these services, you may slightly modifying your hair to a darker, more rich look. For example, if you’re a natural brown but want a copper tint to your hair, gloss coloring is perfect to complete your style. This service slowly washes away and barely alter your hair strand. For that reason, around 4-6 weeks you may feel like your hair color doesn't seem as vibrant.


Color Retouch

When you modify your new growth of hair to blend or hide grey hair, it’s called a color retouch. Plan to get it done every 3-6 weeks depending on the location and the amount of your grey hair you have. Most clients want to wash that grey away as soon as possible, so you’re not alone. There are lots of products to temporarily cover grey in aerosol or powder form to help you until your next visit to the salon. Our favorite is "Conceal" root touch up. It works well, fits in purse with lip liner, and even makes your hair look thicker.


When you highlight your hair, every 6-8 weeks is the longest you should extend your service between appointments. It will assist your stylist in applying the highlight quicker and cause less damage to your hair when your outgrowth is less then 2 inches. Your stylist can pick up the exact same hair and retouch only the new growth of hair. This will let your natural color create the dimension you want and keep your hair in the best condition.

Full Color

A Full Color is when you color all of your hair. This process would need to be done every 4-8 weeks depending on your desired look. When you receive this service on a regular basis, you allow your stylist to altered services to what your hair needs. When you are consitant with coloring hair it will save your hair from damage along with time and money. If you like to change your hair up every service, pre-schedule your appointment to allow your stylist to prepare the quickest and most cost effective way to color your hair in advance.


Ombre and Balyage

If you like having an Ombre or Balyage and wish your hair wouldn't change, you will want to keep up this look every 6-9 weeks. 

To Sum Things Up

Once you alter your natural color with a color service, you are committed to coloring your hair. No matter the service, make sure to ask your stylist when you should return to refresh your color and keep you feeling beautiful.

Schedule your next hair color service 6-9 weeks from your appointment. The best feeling is when you go into the salon wanting to keep up your style and walking out with time to spare and more money to spend. It will leave you with a pep in your step. Call us to make an appointment and keep your style strong.

Danielle Boxrucker