How to pick styling aides you will love from our Maple Grove salon

Have you ever bought a product that you loved? You felt like it worked so well because your hair was predictable and did as you asked. Then, that product was no longer being produced, and you said, “Well now what do I buy?” When looking for styling aids, it's important to define what you want and don't want. The following questions will get you thinking and assist your Maple Grove stylist in finding products you will not want to live without. 

  • Do you prefer to use product that you spray on or put in your hand?

  • Are you looking to create a style that moves with the wind or you want it to stay where you put it?

  • Is it most important that your hair feels good when you touch it?

  • What does your daily routine look like? Do you wear the same look everyday, or do you like to change it every other day?

  • Is it important that you can feel and see the results of the product?

Many people don't like styling aides because they are misusing the products or they don't know what to expect from a product. 

90% of individuals don't use enough of a product to know if they work. A styling aid you put in wet hair. If you don’t use enough, you will get zero results. 

Other people put product in wet hair when it's supposed to be used on dry, or they air dry their hair first when it's supposed to be applied to damp hair. 

Here are helpful hints to selecting products.  


Styling Aides 

These are products you put in wet hair. They create volume and control against wind and moisture. I put them in after my hair has been in a towel for 5 minutes.

When I am deciding on my styling aids, I want to feel where the product is on my hair. I prefer a spray on so I will feel it where I placed it on my scalp. When you have applied it appropriately, you will see and feel your hair lifting off your scalp. Be sure to apply products through the ends and you will notice that your mid lengths and ends of hair don't have little fly away ends that normally you would use an iron to smooth down.

Finishing Aides

These are products us use after hair is dry. They can create texture and hold. 

Use a powder lift at scalp to lock in the volume, then use on the ends for a piece look. For a smooth glossy look, use the Nourish Beautifying Serum by Eufora. To create smooth soft hair. Finish with a Hairspray or a dry was spray.

There are many different products and product lines to choose from today. All are great products for different reasons. We choose Eufora over every other product line because it is important to us to use as natural a product as we can. Less damage to your hair is less work for us stylists and less time and money for your salon visit. Eufora is as natural as we can get and still keep up with fashion. It is a Aloe based styling product line that resists and repairs damage to your hair. Eufora's color line is also the lowest ammonia content in hair color out there, which means it does the least amount of damage when you alter your hair color. It leaves your hair feeling soft, makes your hair shine, and out preforms other color lines.

Learn more about Eufora or make an appointment by contacting us or visiting our salon.

Danielle Boxrucker