How Often Should I Change my Hairstyle? Tips from our Maple Grove Stylists

Everyone gets bored around four times a year. Two out of the four times, we want something a little different. The other two times a year, we want bold change.


When deciding how often you should change your hair style, examine your lifestyle and what’s important to you.

Do you get your hair done on a regular basis? If not why not? Change is good!

Either way, you should consider making changes every quarter. Our personality and lifestyle changes with the seasons, especially here in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Look at how you feel in spring and how you start to hunker down in the fall. In the winter, we need something to give us a spring in our step. A small change of adding warmth to our hair color or cutting bangs can do just that. In the spring, lobbing off the dry hair and giving you a new, powerful look can you happy, but you could also add a few highlights in the mist of summer to ride the waves on the lake into fall.

Many people wait too long to change. When they do, they don't get the reactions they expected. Why is that? Because no one has seen you change so when you do something drastic. They say something like, “holy moley, you made a change!” You might perceive it as it's bad and think, “wow, I didn't expect, and now I don't know if I like it,” but they say that because they only knew you the other way, not because it’s bad. I think some amount of change should happen every visit to the salon. You will never find the prefect style if you don't try other ones.

Keeping on a routine will keep you feeling beautiful and confident, and it will give you something to look forward to every quarter. It will also keep your friends and family on their toes! If you would like to change your hairstyle, call us to make an appointment.

Danielle Boxrucker