What is the Best Cut for Thin Hair? Advice from Maple Grove Hair Stylists

There are many great haircuts for thin fine hair known by our Maple Grove stylists. The following 3 questions will lead you to the best style for your hair.

1. What is your daily styling routine?

2. What is your lifestyle like? Are you athletic? Professional or busy multitasking?

3. What's important to you?


When thinking about what is important, it could look like a number of things. You could want a style that must look beautiful, and you’re willing to work for it. Another style is for people who have little time and want quick no work hair. You could also want a style that you’re willing to put effort in and try new things when styling, but you want to spend less then 30 minutes on it a day.

Things you should consider with fine hair.

Your hair color could be making it look thin. Darkening the roots will assist you in feeling thicker and fuller while bringing out your style.

Short hair isn't always best for fine hair. By adding volume either through rollers or a perming service, you can create an optical illusion of filled out hair.

The pixie is usually the best style for fine hair. There are many little modifications that can be made to work with your head shape, hairlines, and colics.

The best way to find your perfect style is to meet with a stylist that can discuss with you while working with your thin hair. No one haircut works for everyone. A great stylist can personalize your style that takes you and your hair into consideration. If you would like to manage your thin hair with a new haircut, call our stylists for an appointment.

Danielle Boxrucker