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Our color services are designed to accentuate your haircut and face shape. Because one color technique doesn’t work for everyone, our Hair Coaches will consider your skin tone, natural colors, and current cut to help you achieve your desired result. Our prices vary on the color service techniques and the level of expertise of each Hair Coach.

*See our bios for more details.

If you have a unique situation and need a precise quote with your desired Hair Coach, please schedule a consultation. No quotes over the phone.

yOur color options


color retouch

Want to keep others from knowing your natural color? Maybe you’re a Brunette who has always been Blonde, or a Brunette with grey that no one else needs to know about. We’ll retouch your new growth with your desired shade so your secret stays between us.

Price is dependent on how much color is needed. Your Hair Coach can quote this price at time of service.

Additional color starts at $20

*Prices start at $50

Full Color.jpeg

color: full head

Looking for a subtle change – refresh your current color, a smidge darker, maybe more rich tone of color – a full head color is what you’re looking for.

This service is the Go-To-Technique if you’re unsure what color service to choose. Never fear! Your Hair Coach will select the appropriate service for your desired outcome. This service will give us the time we will need to assist you.

*Prices start at $75


color highlight

Our color highlights are a retouch color at your scalp along with 10-packs of foils to create dimension and assist in blending color treated hair with natural color as your hair grows.

Our Hair Coaches are the experts to help make your color works with your current hairstyle.

Additional color or foils may result in additional cost of service. Your Hair Coach can quote the price at the time of service.

*Prices start at $115


zipper highlight

Fall in love with your color all over again. Our zipper highlight technique involves coloring a limited area and uses your natural color for the dimension while keeping the time in the salon to a minimum, as well as a reasonable expense.

Some clients need to be transitioned from a full or partial highlight into a zipper highlight. Your Hair Coach can explain it in more detail at your next service visit.

*Prices start at $75


Partial highlight

For a client who likes to have dimension of light and or dark around the face hairline on the part and colic. Maybe you had a full highlight already and need to get your color freshened. The partial is your service.

*Prices start at $75


Full highlight

Refresh your highlighted locks with our full highlight service once a year, one of our other highlighting services will maintain your color and save you time in the salon. A full highlight is where we highlight from your bangs to your nape of your neck and everything in between.

This service is the Go-To-Technique if you’re unsure what highlight service to choose. Never fear! Your Hair Coach will select the appropriate service for your desired outcome. This service will give us the time we will need to assist you.

*Prices start at $105


color corrections

Leap into an adventurous color change through our color correction services. Our stylists will put on their white lab coats and get down to the true science of hair color. If you are looking to go from blonde - brunnette, brunette to a red head. This is the service to schedule. Depending if you want your change is to Whispher, Talk or scream will effect the number of color services need to complete your desired transformation. Expect to be in salon 3 plus hours. A color correction is multiple color services in one visit. Our color correction services start at $150 and go up based on the number of services & hours required for your individual needs and desires. A new client color correction service requires a detailed consultation prior to your actual hair service appointment. This service cannot be booked online. Please call 763.494.5074 to schedule with your stylist.


Bleach & tone

Experience the difference with our hair whisperer experts. Our bleach & tone services are precise applications of knowledge that only Etica Hair Coaches can give. In the wrong hands, this technique can ruin your hair in seconds.

Because of the complexities of this technique, allow for up to 4 hours in the salon. This service starts at $150 for new growth/color retouch application. We do not recommend for our long hair clients unless already being serviced as a bleach and tone.


halo color

This is a unique service that only Etica Salon provides. It’s our in-between color service that hides your unwanted outgrowth so you can look great from your last service until your next service .

The halo service is provided for Etica Salon clients only they are scheduled at the completion of your color service. The halo service keeps everyone from knowing what your real color is. Halo service cannot be booked online.

*Prices start at $25


Brow coloring

The color of your eyebrows can make a world of difference when it comes to loving your look every morning.

Having your brows darkened will bring color to your skin, allow you to skip the step of painting your brows on, and gives you a get-up-and-go ability.

Brow tinting must be combined with another service. All Brow services are $20 and take from 30 minutes.



Ombré means to shadow and is a seamless hair gradation of color. Your hair will be darker at the roots and becomes lighter at the ends or if you prefer, we can lighten your roots and darken your ends. Whichever ombré you choose, you’ll love the subtle color and new style.



Similar to ombré which has a seamless gradation from darker to lighter, Balayage has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than traditional highlights. With our balayage service, we embrace the idea that is less is more when creating soft, natural looks.