maple grove haircuts

your mirror will love you

Imagine feeling excited to get ready every morning! Never look in the mirror again and say, “What am I going to do with this hair?”  Here at Etica Salon in Maple Grove, we work with you to give you a hair cut that looks great in between your appointments.



Our mission is to help you feel beautiful and confident everyday - not just when you visit our salon.

At every appointment, you’ll learn our simple tricks of the trade to make your mornings easy, and even create a different look now and again. While others are marveling over your great look, you’re the only one that knows it took less than 15 minutes.

Each haircut includes a Love Your Hair Again consultation, haircut, and style tips.

Please allow yourself 60-minutes for your first service at Etica Salon.

*Prices start at $35


Present a clean cut look for every important business meeting or social affair. Our Precision Cut Program can save you time through pre-booking your next appointment prior to leaving the salon and streamlining your haircut in 30 minutes.

Not interested in pre-booking? Find a time that works for you and your Hair Coach by scheduling up to 2 weeks in advance. Your service may take as long as 45 minutes.

*Prices start at $35



Our student cuts are designed to create the best style for your growing children, all the while keeping in mind they live very busy lives. For that reason, we offer 30 minute haircuts without shampoo/blow-dry at a reduced rate. Should you desire to have the extra services, it will be at full male/female price based on each stylist.

*Prices start at $30



Our hair coaches are fantastic at connecting with our smallest clients. We understand they tend to have a short window of patience, which is why we’re experts in giving your child a great experience and cut in 15-minutes. We ask parents to wait in the lobby and enjoy 15-minutes of relaxation while we take care of your little one.

*Prices start at $25