At Etica Salon, you do not just have a stylist but a personal hair coach; someone who genuinely listens to your needs so you will fall in love with your hair now and in between services.

Our skilled coaches are solution finders with continuing education who will ASK you questions, LISTEN to your answers, OUTLINE a Plan-of-Action, TEACH you simple styling techniques so you can, MASTER your personal style at home.

Whether you want to maintain your look with ease, change your look with color or style, or salvage your look from someone who didn’t understand what you wanted, we are here for you to discover the possibilities!

Walk out of Etica Salon happy. Guaranteed.

Love Your Hair, Again

DISCOVER your natural hair beauty.

DEFINE your desired style.

DEVELOP your styling skills.

Etica Salon helps you uncover the possibilities
of how great your hair truly is and can be!