facial waxing Maple grove, mn

a smooth finish

When shaving is not an option, or maybe just not your preference, we have the answer to clean up lines, or get rid of hair in areas that will help you look and feel more polished and confident. Etica has facial waxing packages to meet the needs of every client. All Facial waxing starts at $20.


eyebrow wax

Flatter and flaunt your favorite facial features in just a few minutes.


chin waxing

Get rid of that excessive peach fuzz or those random coarse whiskers hairs on or under your chin.


Lip waxing

Remove unwanted fuzz/darker hairs above your lip and the corners of your smile.


cheek waxing

Hair creeping from your ears towards your nose? Make the decision to smooth out your cheeks and your complexion will thank you.


men’s nose wax

Nose hair is an uphill battle all men face. Our Wax specialist can remove those long, visible hairs, leaving the important hair deep inside the nose undisturbed. Add on to your haircut at any time it’s quick 5 minute service.
*Prices start at $10


men’s brow wax

Besides a smile, brows are the first thing noticeable on a man’s face.
Keeping your brows neatly groomed will enhance your appearance. Our Wax Specialist will make sure men have two masculine eyebrows.
*Prices start at $10